The roof has been redesigned to suit the new lines.  The doors are part of the roof since the idea is to have a gull wing style door that opens most of the sides to increase accessibility to
the cockpit.  The structure of these gull wing doors actually stiffens the chassis since they act as a roll cage.  I wanted to keep the use of the original windscreen to keep the vehicle
production cost low and still keep the car road legal.  The solution was to tilt the screen backwards hence lowering the roof.
Wheelbase and sides

The length of the wheelbase is identical to the original RX-7, hence this allows the use or the original running gear such as the differential, torque tube etc. The width is increased by
110mm on each side at the back and 90mm on each side at the front.


The Interior of the X3 incorporates innovations such as a retractable steering that works with the door opening, thus allowing a more comfortable entrance for the driver.   
The latest side sketch incorporates heat
outlets for the engine in the gull wing door.  
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The difference between the RX-7 and the X3.
The first sketch had different sides and the roof was still
the same height as the original.  The front end is still
very similar to the model being built.
The back end was shortened from the bottom
end and lengthened from the top.  A reversing
camera is incorporated replacing the back