Inspired by the earlier generation E24 6 series, the RZ-M6 captures the stylish and
aggressive looks of the older generations of BMW’s and puts them in the current 6
keeping the basic structure intact. The body is 50mm wider to offer wider rubber for
better grip.  
The current M6 already offers a high level of performance, with upgrades for even
more power available worldwide.  The RZ-M6 is designed to show how a 6 series
should look like to reflect that pedigree. While aggressive, it’s not over the top,
keeping the lines of the current M6 structure flowing and factory like. It’s not a boy
racer’s car, it’s more mature, more elegant, yet not to be messed with. All this was
evident in the older generation BMW’s. This is a tribute to the E24 6 series.
Started as a small independent body styling company, Racer X Design has a history
of designing and building conversions based on top of existing cars for competitions,
together with designing cars and such conversions for international clients.  We are
looking for partners who have the same passion for the BMW brand and would like to
see the RZ-M6 hit production.

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