Name :-                   Reuben Zammit

Date of birth :-       14 December 1977

Location :-              Malta, Europe

Occupation :-         Freelance Designer, Founder of Racer X Design

Telephone No :-     +356 27414470  +356 99830334

Email :-          
Reuben Zammit founded Racer X Design in 2003. From 2004 up to this day, Racer X Design has offered some of the best design innovations in varies
sectors of the automotive industry.  To view the full history of Racer X Design press history.
These are all the awards won in the 4 years that racer x design competed in the XLR-8 live competition.  Racer x design became the only national company to win all three major extreme body
styling competitions held up to 2006.  All the demo cars won 1st place in their own respective classes each year that racer x design competed.
2004 XLR-8 Live Competition
Car                            Class                            Placing
Honda CRX                Extreme                         1st
*                                 Best Squad                    1st
2005 XLR-8 Live Competition
Car                            Class                            Placing
Honda Civic RCX      Extreme                         1st
*                                 Shell - Best exhibitor    1st
2006 XLR-8 Live Competition
Car                            Class                            Placing
Honda Civic RCX 2   Extreme                         1st
2007 XLR-8 Live Competition
Car                            Class                            Placing
GTV Evoluzione         Best modified classic  1st
*                                  Best exhibitor               1st
Honda Civic RCX 2   Best Interior                   1st
Honda Civic RCX 2   Car of the show             1st
Citroen Saxo              Best boot install           1st
2007 XLR-8 Live Competition
Car                            Class                            Placing
Honda Civic RCX2    Extreme                         2nd
VW Golf Elite             Tuner 3                           2nd
2004 XLR-8 Live Competition
Car                            Class                            Placing
Honda Civic              Street modified              3rd
2005 XLR-8 Live Competition
Car                            Class                            Placing
Subaru Impreza         Extreme                  Best Runner up
2006 XLR-8 Live Competition
Car                            Class                            Placing
Honda Civic               Tuner 3                   Best Runner up
2007 XLR-8 Live Competition
Car                            Class                            Placing
Nissan Silvia             Tuner 2                          3rd
Honda Civic RCX2    Sound Install                  2nd
* - racer x design

Since 2007 a variety of design sketches were shown, most of which turned into project collaborations.

Here are some of the press quotes together with the links.....
Asterisk world press

"With the whole lot of automotive “remakes” going on lately, I’ve dreamed that someone would
revamp the AC Cobra. I’ve even taken it upon myself to do the sketches, but they all turn out to
look like rubbish. Fortunately, there are better artists out there than me. One of them is Reuben
Zammit, head of design at Racer X. The design for their KC-427 takes the lines from a classic
AC Cobra and not much else. I’ve been staring at it for the last ten minutes and I must say, I
really do love it. The recessed tail lamps, the obnoxious side grille, the enormous wheels–I just
love it." (translated)

"Can a 'alltime beauty' as the legendary Cobra 427 successfully followed?  By seeing the
attempt by Ford thought I wholeheartedly NO. …….. The lords of design and tuning Racer X
Design (where we know that already?), However, let us see beautiful rendering: to be silent,
…… It may therefore be!

The KC-427, the Maltese company carefully to the original look. The same lines are used, but
with a modern twist and brutal.  The end result looks great dramatic and I think that is exactly
the intention!"

"Nearly four years ago at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, Ford launched a Cobra Concept with a 6.4-liter V10 and a modern
design twist of the classic two-seater. While it was cool to see a modernized version of the original, it still lacked the
overall aggressive design of the original Cobra that so many people love. There weren't enough curves, and the front
looked somewhat awkward.

Recently, Maltese design and tuning company Racer X Design launched renderings of what they call the KC-427
Concept. It has very similar lines to the original Cobra (especially the rear), but with sharper creases that give a modern
The Garage -

"Would you believe that this muscle concept christened the KC-427 is being built in Malta? No,
not Malta, New York, but the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea.

I always enjoy looking at the designs of Racer X Design, but this one really caught my eye
because of its Cobra styling and its mighty 7.0-litre V8 engine sourced from the Corvette Z06. A
unique combination of style and power I would say.

It appears they will produce 20 hand built units of the KC-427. The roadster is set for completion
next year. Kudos to these guys in Malta for nailing American Muscle style.

See more about Racer X Design at their home page"

"New-school AC Cobra sketches

A Maltese design firm has released sketches of its take on the present day
incarnation of the iconic AC Cobra, dubbed the KC-427 - and it looks brilliant."