The side view shows how much the KC-427
lines reflect those of the original.
The front three quarters view shows the low
and wide stance of the KC-427.
Inserted back lights, and curved rear fenders
make the simple back design modern and
Simple interior, easy to convert from right to
left hand drive. Rich and sporty at the same

As a true car enthusiast, I was thrilled at the opportunity to project the KC-427.  When I started working on this car I had 3 objectives in mind; looks, performance, and quality.

I had to make the KC-427 reflect the lines that made the Original Cobra an icon for all ages.  Instead of working from scratch, I worked on the same lines and dimensions and
concentrated on making the car more aerodynamic and modern.

From the initial stages of sketching the KC-427, production was always in mind.  Building one off cars gave me great insight on projecting vehicles like this one.