Racer X Design is established in Malta (EU), a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Driven by passion for exotic and performance cars, the
team was put together in 2003 to build show and competition cars to compete in the upcoming XLR-8 competition of 2004.


The first car built for this event was based on a 1990 Honda CRX. It competed in the extreme class judged by MAX POWER magazine, against established
local competitors. On their first attempt, Racer X Design won first place. This gave the team the drive to move the game forward.


In 2005 the first generation RCX was built. The show and competition level grew at an incredible rate. Each class got more competitive, with the extreme class
cars being rated as some of the best in Europe. The RCX based civic won 1st place in the extreme class, making the Racer X Design team winner for second
consecutive year. The racer X Design team also won the SHELL best exhibitor award. Up to then, the team was only interested in competing in this class,
leaving interior and sound competitions to others.


In 2006 the goals were moved further. Instead of building a new car, Racer X Design worked on the RCX to create the second generation. The exterior was
taken to even more extreme levels, with see through doors, an original paint job consisting of different side finishes. For the first time the team built the interior
from scratch bringing innovative solutions, together with styling that at that time could only be seen on concept cars.

For the 2006 XLR-8 competition, the level grew further. With cars such as the Veil side fortune RX-7 competing with more than twice our budget. For the third
consecutive year the team won top honors in the extreme class, also adding 1st price for best interior, and CAR OF THE SHOW award.


Always looking for new goals, in 2007 the GTV Evoluzione was unveiled to the public. By this time, Racer X Design was moving away from show cars and more
into concept cars. The GTV won "best modified classic", with the bodywork done completely in metal instead of using fibreglass or similar material.

At the end of the year the KC-427 concept sketches were unveiled, receiving an overwhelming reaction from the public.


Using the experience gathered building one off vehicles, Racer X Design concentrated more on offering design service to other companies. More than twenty
projects were handled this year alone, ranging from small design changes to one off vehicles and production orientated vehicles. In March, the Bugatti Type
12-2 streamliner concept was unveiled as an idea of what could done using design clues from early Bugattis for a 2+2 GT luxury car. The public reaction was
another success, putting the Racer X Design name to public eyes all over the world.

RCX ltd. was formed between Reuben Zammit and Glen Warren. Using the design talent with technical know how, the company aims at offering everything
from design services to prototype construction.

At the end of 2008, the RZ Formula concept sketches found their way on the internet .....

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